SALERNO DANZA d’aMare is Stage Competition, Gala, choreographic workshop, Workshop, Hearings, the sixth edition will be held in Salerno July 14 to 20 in 2014.

A great opportunity to hone practical skills and to experience the creative potential of art tersicorea, with the Masters of renown: Elizabeth Terabust, Alessandra Celentano, Amilcar, Ugo Ranieri, Michele Villanova, André De La Roche, Alex Atzewi, Mary Garret , Max Sirto, Rosy Loconte, Crestale Fabio, Marco Laudani, Fabio Mazzeo, Damiano Bisozzi, Gabriele Singing Pascali, Rocco Greek, Little Phil, Jo Sassi.

A campus to host young people from all over Italy, three rooms for over 40 classes of different levels (basic, intermediate, advanced) and style (Classic, Contemporary, Modern and Lyrical Jazz, Hip Hop), a workshop room, a dining area , a relaxation area, a swimming pool, a theater.

Seven days of dancing, workshops, hearings, which will culminate in the gala with the participation of students who distinguished themselves during the choreographic laboratory, alongside prestigious companies and professional dancers in the competition at the presence of the jury from the Masters: Michele Villanova, Rosy Loconte Alex Atzewi, Little Phil. Non-cash prizes to be won with a value of Euro 7,000, trophies or plaques, medals, scholarships for academics, internships, competitions and the prestigious 3rd Trophy SALERNO DANZA d’aMare.

SALERNO DANZA d’aMare is an event eagerly awaited by many young dancers and enthusiasts, combining a love for dance, emotions, relaxation and fun in the beautiful setting of Salerno and its province.


“Dance is a song of the body, of joy and sorrow.”

Martha Graham


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