SALERNO DANZA d’aMare it’s a Stage, Competition, Gala, Choreographic laboratory, Workshop, Auditions, the 7th edition will take place in Salerno from 13 to 19 July 2015.

A great opportunity to improve practical competition and to experience the creative potential of tersicorea art, with the renowned Teachers: Elisabetta Terabust, Bill Goodson, Mauro Astolfi, Mia Molinari, Alessandra Celentano, Ugo Ranieri, Michele Villanova, Antonina Randazzo, Max Sirto, Maura Paparo, Francesco Mariottini, Fabio Mazzeo, Mariangela Lacquaniti, Laccio&Shake “Modulo Project”, Karim Belharch, Rocco Greco, Little Phil.

A campus to host toung people from all over Italy, two rooms with over 50 lessons of various levels (basic, intermediate, advanced) and style (Classic, Contemporary, Funky, Modern and Lyrical Jazz, Hip Hop) workshop room, dining area, relax area, nearby swimming pools, theater.

Seven days of dance, workshop, auditions, that will end with the Galà with the participation of the coreographic laboratory’s students and, in the Competition open to all, in the presence of the jury composed by the theachers: Michele Villanova, Francesco Mariottini, Maura Paparo, Little Phil, on the hostorical stage of the Augusteo theater of Salerno.

In grabs AWARDS, not in cash, worth 15.000 Euro:

CUPS for the first three classified of every category and style;

MEDALS “Young Talent”;

“ENERGY” Award , cup;

“INNOVATION” Award , cup;


“MUSICALITY” Award , cup;

To the best exibition, indistinctly from the section and the catergory, infact will be the entire choreographic and the higher total to determinate the sole opinion of the jury, it will be assigned the prestigious 4° Trophy SALERNO DANZA d’aMare.

SALERNO DANZA d’aMare it’s and event much-awaited from a lot of young dancercs and fans, that combine the love for the dance, to the feelings, to the relax and the fun, in the beautiful frame of Salerno and its province.


“Conta per perduto il giorno senza danza”

Friedrich Nietzsche.

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